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Charting and Practice Management Software


We are very excited to introduce new pricing for OrthoChart which we call the Partner Pricing Program.  Basically, the new program allows you to get started using OrthoChart at a lower cost.  We want to partner with new clients to help grow their practice and use our services to form a long term relationship that is beneficial to both of us.  

New clients can get started for as little as $1,499.00 for a single user.  Additional users can be added as needed at the one time cost of $1,000 per user.  For example, under our current pricing an initial purchase for 4 clients would be approximately $6,000.  Under the new program a typical office of 4 clients would be $4,500.

Why are we offering the new pricing?  Simple, we want to attract long term clients or partners as we like to refer to clients like yourself.  We are making a long term investment in you.  We want to see your practice grow and we hope that you will utilize all services including:

Credit Card Processing

Forms:  Dymo Appointment Cards, Coupons, Statements, etc.

Electronic Insurance Claim Processing

Text Message Appointment Reminders


Begin Using OrthoChart Now!


New!  Enhanced Imaging Capablities Now Available in OrthoChart

The image capture portion of OrthoChart has been enhanced to provide an imaging solution for practices that want to be able to store and print images without the need of a 3rd party imaging program.  Capture screen is pictured.  8 Picture Composite and Zoom to view/print images.



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